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  • Family Law, Mediation, Binding Financial Agreements (BFA)
  • Psychology, Mental Health, Relationship Coaching, and Counselling Services
  • Accounting, Financial Planning and Estate Advice
  • Real Estate, Mortgage and Property Advice

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Save Time

Save Time

  • Receive qualified new client leads
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  • Allows you to focus on more productive billable work time
Get Noticed

get noticed

  • Expert Profile Listing designed to build trust in your expertise
  • Demonstrate your professional qualifications, experience and client reviews
  • Be there when clients are ready to engage
Stay Connected

stay connected

  • Invitations to exclusive networking events
  • Access joint marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Collaborate with other cross industry experts
Be Supported

be supported

  • Avoid expensive lead generation programs that don’t work
  • Confidently promote your Subject Matter Expertise to the right audience
  • Be supported by a targeted end user marketing campaign to get real results

How does Confidant reduce uncertainty in dealing with unprepared customers?

We know from experience the journey across broken relationships, separation and divorce is not easy, emotions cloud thinking, irrational decisions are made. People can have unrealistic expectations and become impatient.

These factors lead to situations where professionals have to act as guidance counsellors, instead of focusing on what they do best, spending a considerable amount of unbilled time and effort to educate a new prospective client.
Step 1 Breath

Step 1

With our emotional questionnaire, we are helping clients understand if they are able to make clear decisions, or if they need emotional clarity first.

Step 2 Think

step 2

Confidant provides curated, relevant resources. Stop relying to dr google or aunty Karen for advice. Get good information now.

Step 3 Decide

Step 3

Finally we help people decide  what to do, connecting with a trusted network of experts. This is you the experts we trust.

Promote Your Expertise

Promote your expertise

Your expert profile contained within the app, will demonstrate your professional qualifications, experience and client reviews. Have the ability to book appointments and fill your calendar with qualified new client introductory sessions. 

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