Our Mission

We believe the divorce system is too complex, too confrontational, too costly, and leaves too many people financially devastated – so Our Mission at Divorce Justice & Family Finance is clear – we want to help make Divorce simpler, easier and fairer, and we want to help rebuild people’s financial lives after their divorce.

We know there is a proven link between financial health and wellbeing and mental health & wellbeing – we have created Family Finance to help people re-build their financial lives after a divorce – we believe that Family Finance is a crucial part of Divorce Justice.

The divorce system is broken and needs to change – and we’re driving that change.


Our Services

Uncontested & Contested Divorce

We will process Uncontested Divorce for free, and we will offer Artificial Intelligence (Ai) services to help Lawyers and Divorce Coaches to help solve contested disputes quickly and easily, and at a much lower cost.

Network of Family Lawyers & Divorce Coaches

We are primarily a B2B Service; we will offer our services to any Family Lawyer or Divorce Coach who believes divorce can and should be done better, with more compassion, with a focus on the outcome, not the extended use of letters, emails and phone calls that the current legal system uses.

Family Finance

We will help people re-build their financial lives after a separation and after a divorce – we have created Family Finance to offer a way for individuals to have immediate access to a new bank account, a new savings account, a mortgage and investment advice if required.

Divorce Justice Foundation

To help reduce family violence brought on by the extended delays and the adversarial nature of the family court system, we believe the divorce system needs to change; we believe offering free divorce to couples who agree to an uncontested divorce will radically reduce the stress on couples.

Our Team

Glen Frost


FinTech, Banking, Marketing, Investor Relations

Yvonne W


Technology, Info-Sec, Governance, Blockchain, Ai

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