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The smart way to navigate broken relationships.

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We provide a simple and easier way to navigate the journey


A Friendly Separation Journey

Non biased and consistent information, enabling 24/7 365 access to smart assistance to help navigate the journey.


Trusted Experts Collaboration Network

We provide support with our trusted network of professional ethical experts in legal, emotional & mental health, finance, property and other advice, with more compassion and with a focus on the outcome.


One Touch Comfort

Convenience at your finger tips through our single source information repositories and professional marketplace to help shortcut the process.


Financial Help

We help people to rebuild their financial lives and build their financial independence.
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Our mood assistant can help you to assess your state of mind during this stressfull and emotional time.
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Discover relevant information according to your specific needs, local legislation and case requirements.
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Get on top of your finances

Get on top of your Finances

Discover options to rebuild and restructure your financial health via our peer-to-peer network. 

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About Us

Divorce Justice Family Finance started in 2020 as a cause very close to the heart. We know from experience that the journey across broken relationships, separation and divorce is not easy and very personal. Confusion reigns and it is a lonely journey, and without clear guidance and assistance this can spell disaster.

We understand the challenges involved and aim to lighten the journey, as we believe that in every step of the journey there is hope. Divorce Justice Family Finance is an innovative startup assisting people who are experiencing broken relationships, separation and divorce. We enable people to quickly source the most relevant information, professional advice and financial resources in order to find the best and most suitable resolution, and help get their life back on track.

Divorce Justice Family Finance will drive this change.

Our Vision & Mission


We aim to lighten and simplify the broken relationship, separation and divorce journey to rebuild a new life of joy.


Assisting people experiencing broken relationships, facing the possibilities of separaton and divorce with a simple and easier way to navigate, providing aid to help lighten the journey.

Our Team

Our team are experienced technologists and change makers who are passionate about use of technology for good. Our extended team of professionals include experts in their field across a variety of specialities including family law, finance, accounting, emotional & mental health. We share a common vision to turn adversity into opportunity and be the enabler of positive change.